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Cane Creek Archery Club

12539 Greasy Valley Rd

Prairie Grove, AR 

A new club and course and all I can say is wow! This course is a dream, all types of shots on a well marked and easy to follow course. 
The course is just under a half mile long with 27 Stations and over 30 targets. 

The course features, uphill, downhill, moving and skill shots.

This is THE best best course in Arkansas and one of the best in the US! If you can, visit here, you will not be disappointed.

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Hollabend Bow Hunters Association

140 wheeler bend Road, Russellville

This club host shoots throughout the year, with the norm being 20 targets with a bonus target at the end.

The terrain was well marked and easy to walk.

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Ozark Highlands Nature Center

3400 N 40th Street, Springdale
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Made possible by private donations and public funding, this is a place dedicated to and for sportsmen. With modern amenities and pet  friendly, best of all it is FREE! The site is impressive, the main hall has classrooms, a gift shop, a kids education room, interactive displays and a lobby with sofa and chairs.

They also have picnic pavilions, hiking trails, bike trails an indoor marksmanship center with with either archery or Airguns going on.

The 3D Course has a fantastic pavilion, with power, water, picnic tables, bathrooms and even a fireplace! The course has a practice area with targets out to 60 yards. The 3D Course has 12 Stations with 24 Targets. The targets are mainly Rineharts. 

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The Quiver Archery Range

1701 SW F St, Bentonville
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Made possible by private donations, This range is located in Osage Park. They have targets out from 10 to 70 meters. The facility is all new, clean and professional looking. They have USA Archery Certified instructors on site. You can bring your own gear or rent it. The first of each month, they replace the targets with 3D Animal Targets. They also offer memberships which allow you more access to this awesome facility.

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