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Chianti 3D Archery

Casanova di Ricavo 40
53011 Castellina in Chianti 

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A valley full of ranges – a valley of the archers - and all this in front of the doorstep of your holiday home.

Chianti 3D Archery is on its best way to become the largest privately owned archery location in Europe – and actually we think we have already achieved this goal.

The first 3D range the Red Range with 18 positions was built in March 2015 by German born Fabian Eder, the son of the owner , a dedicated longbow archer and multiple tournament winner.

He imbedded the range (like all others) into the hills and slopes of a natural preserve area and strict no-hunting zone of pine and oaks woods and the typical Tuscan hill macchia.

Following the WBHC 2017, during which the 1st range (red range) was extended to 28 positions and used as an exercise range and a 2nd range the Yellow Range with 14 positions was inaugurated.

Both ranges are set up with IFAA and WA distances.

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