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Five Valleys Archery Club


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Five Valleys Archery Club has been serving Missoula and the surrounding area's outdoor archery range needs since 1980. Our range includes a flat range from 10-100 yards as well as a 20 target walking course  for more realistic simulation of hunting scenarios. 


Hellgate Hunters & Anglers

1501 Tower Street, Missoula

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Use of the range is free, and you must bring your own equipment. Open target lanes are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please keep in mind this is a public space and we must all do our part to share the range.


Three Forks Archery

11227 US-287, Three Forks

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COURSE #1 - 3-D Rhinehart
    You and your partners walk through a Jefferson River cottonwood river bottom  while shooting at a set of 25 big game 3-D targets set at various distances.   The use of range finders to practice judging distances is encouraged.  Fast bows may require lubricant on arrows.  The 50 shot course takes approximately 2 hours to shoot.   Parking is easy and a self-pay station with envelopes & score cards are available. 


COURSE #2 - Hunters' Challenge
    The "Hunters' Challenge Course"  is set-up with life-sized big game animals.  During organized events, 25 different 3-D targets will be shot from two distances for a total of 50 shots! 

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