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One of the most unique 3D Archery targets outthere. Will stop recurve and long bow arrows at most distances. Compounds, it will stop most when shot from at least 20 yards. This is a great test of skill and one awesome addition to any archery course! Hand Painted with two scoring rings; a large eight point area and a circular 10 point area.


Steer Skull

SKU: 0003
  • The target is shipped in three parts; the skull and two horns. The horns will need to be glued onto the skull. We reccomend epoxy.

    Made from expanding foam, these targets will take shot after shot and will endure out in the elements.

    Each is hand painted and with that no two skulls are the same, so please allow for variation.

    10" L, 5.5" W (skull), 19" W  (with Horns), 4.5" H

  • I will ship as soon as possible using USPS. Once shipped I will send the information to you.

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