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Nothing sets a course apart more than creative shots. On this page you will find some awesome  shot set ups to help inspire you. How to builds, to help you make create fun, interactive and unique shots.

Break Area

Having a break area on your course is a great idea.

Break Area.jpg

Change the Targets

Targets are fine, but some clubs take it to the next level. You can re-paint them, add detail to them and so much more.

CHange targets 4.jpg

This Target was shot out, so they cut it

down and made a new target from it.

Change Targets 2.jpg

Construction glue was used to make the

tongue and honey, a bees nest was also

made to add to the shot.

Change target 1.jpg

Small additions make this target much better

Change Targets 3.jpg

Those two baby bears, are just

re-painted Javelina targets!

Iron Targets

One of the best challenges out there.

Iron 1.jpg
Iron Boar.jpg

Knock A Blocks

Fun and inexpensive, this make a great addition or an awesome standalone course.

Knock A Block III.jpg
How to video link.png
Knock A Block II.jpg
How to video link.png

Moving Targets

Moving targets are fun and come in a wide variety.

Moving 1.jpg
How to video link.png

Simple foam circles

Moving 2.jpg
Moving 3.jpg

This one is on a Skateboard

Classic line style, awesome set up

Night time Shoots

A great event, that will set you apart from the other clubs.

Night Shoot I.jpg
Night SHoot II.jpg

Novelty Shots

Great fun and they come in a huge variety. From easy to  complex, novelty shots will always set you apart..

Novelty 1.jpg
How to video link.png
Novelty 4.jpg
Novelty 2.jpg
Novelty 5.jpg
How to video link.png
Novelty 6.jpg
Novelty 3.jpg
How to video link.png
Novelty 7.jpg
Novlety 10.jpg

Drop a marble into the tube, get to your stake and shoot before it hits the metal bucket at the end.

From the mad genius Phil, hit the 

clay pigeon and the guillotine drops and beheads the guy!

Novelty 8.jpg
Novelty 9.jpg
How to video link.png

No better novelty shot than this one. People love having their picture taken with the ball they hit.

Photo Ops

Photo ops are a great form of FREE marketing. People will take a picture and post it for their friends to see!

Photo Op II.jpg

Raised Targets

Fun, and a great test of skill

Raised Target I.jpg

Target Set Ups

Anyone, and  pretty much most clubs simply just put a target out there. Use creative set ups to set your club apart!

Set Up 3.jpg
Set Up 2.jpg
Set up 7.jpg
Set Up 5.jpg
Set Up 4.jpg
Set Up 1.jpg
Set Up 8.jpg
Set Up 6.jpg
Set Up 10.jpg
Set Up 12.jpg
Set Up 14.jpg
Set Up 9.jpg
Set Up 13.jpg
Set Up 11.jpg
Set Up 16.jpg
Set Up 15.jpg
Set Up 18.jpg
Set Up 19.jpg
Set Up 17.jpg
R100 Island 1.JPG
Ti Yogi Out House.JPG

Made by Scott at TiYogi, one the best set ups ever!


Shooting From Something

Change things up, have them shoot from platforms, Horses, etc.!

Shoot From 3.jpg
How to video link.png
Shoot From 1.jpg
Shoot from 2.jpg

Shoot Thru's

A great challenge, how hard, is up to you!

Shot Thru 6.jpg
Shot thru 4.jpg
Shot thru 5.jpg
Shot thru 1.jpg
Shot Thru 3.jpg
Shot thru 2.jpg


One of the most over looked aspects. Name you stations, post fun signs

about the course, wildlife, etc.

Siganage II.jpg
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